Mind your manners! Being polite at the movie theater

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It's important to practice good manners, even at the movie theater. Here are some rules that people follow when they are at the movie theater.



Playing games on our cell phonemovie video from One Place for Special Needs

Before the movie starts, we usually talk with our friends.

It's okay to play a game if our friend doesn't mind. Ask first if it's okay.

But we absolutely do not play a game during the movie. The sound and light from the phone is distracting to everyone near you.





Talking/Texting on our cell phonemovie phone from One Place for Special Needs

Unless calling home for something important, it's considered rude to talk or text on the phone when your friend is sitting right next to you.

Many people do it because they have bad manners. Pay attention to your friend.

When the movie starts, do not talk or text on the phone. It's very annoying to people sitting near you.



Talking during the moviemovie talking from One Place for Special Needs

Talk all you want to your friend before the movie starts.

When the movie begins, we stop talking so we can enjoy the movie.

It's okay to whisper a few comments about the movie to our friend. But we do not talk about topics that are not about the movie.

Our friend will be irritated if we keep talking to them during the movie.



Sharing our snacksmovie sharing from One Place for Special Needs

It's nice to share our snacks. You can say, "Would you like some of my popcorn?"

If a friend has a snack, you might ask, "Can I have some popcorn?"

Do not stick your hand in someone else's bag of popcorn without asking if it's okay.

It's always polite to ask first.

If your friend says no, you can always go to the snack counter and buy your own snack.




movie feet from One Place for Special Needs

Putting your feet on the chair in front of you

Do not put your feet on the chair in front of you or in between the chairs. Even if no one is sitting there, it's not okay.

The next person that sits in that chair will rest their head right where you just had your dirty shoe.

It is also rude to kick the chair in front of you when a person is sitting in that seat.





Leaving during the moviemovie floor from One Place for Special Needs

Sometimes we need to leave our seat during the movie. We might need to use the restroom or get a refill of our snack.

Try to leave as quietly as possible.

Please be careful not to step on other people's feet when leaving and coming back.







Throwing out our trashmovie trash from One Place for Special Needs

When the movie is over, take the time to pick up your drink and popcorn bag.

Throw them in the trash can as you are exiting the movie theater.







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