Peer Match for Special Needs Kids/Teens

Find a friend for your son or daughter with this new program!

One Place for Special Needs - Peer Match ProgramIt's a nearly unbearable pain us parents feel when our child is not invited to birthday parties, sleepovers or just to hang out. In many cases, our child's behavior, special interests or just being plain different creates a divide between our child and their fellow students. Who would open their doors to our child? Why another parent of a special needs child, that's who. And this is how the all ages special needs Peer Match program has come to be.

Here is how it works. Register at One Place for Special Needs and click on the link to add your child to the program. Tell other families about your child and his/her interests. Other special needs families in you area can view your info and send you a note through our secure mail system. After that, it's up to you if you'd like to contact the parent.

You can do a key word search so you can look for another child with the same interests. This can be a plus for many families that have kids who are not necessarily into age appropriate or typical interests. You can also search by age group and diagnosis.

When registering, make sure to sign up for email alerts when other peers in your area are added.

The more you spread the word, the larger the peer match list will be in your area. Please share this information with your friends, your child's support teacher, therapists, parent support group, etc.

All kids deserve to have a friend in their life. Register today and fill out a peer listing on our home page.

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