Complete Guide to Special Needs Toilet Training

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In many cases, toilet training children with disabilities is similar to training other children. It simply requires more patience and some extra support. Here you'll find plenty of articles, strategies and tips for toilet training children with a variety of special needs. Plus you'll find resources for trouble shooting many types of potty problems like smearing poop, fear of the toilet and potty training regression. It's the most comprehensive guide of toileting resources for special needs parents and teachers with students who are not potty trained. If you found a resource I should add, please let me know at

by Dawn Villarreal, One Place for Special Needs


ADHD toilet training - Articles on toilet training and bedwetting for children with ADHD

Picture of toiletAutism toilet training - Many resources and strategies on toilet training children on the autism spectrum

Bedwetting - Handling bedwetting issues for children and teens

Blind toilet training - Suggestions for working on toilet training with the child who has visual impairments.

Cerebral palsy toilet training - Articles discussing toilet training, incontinence, bladder functioning and other concerns related to the child with cerebral palsy

Constipation - Articles on symptoms of constipation, why it happens and what to do about it

Continence issues - Articles covering a variety of continence issues for individuals with physical disabilities

Deaf toilet training - Resources on potty training children who are deaf or hard of hearing

Deaf Blindness toilet training - A few articles on toilet training practices for these multiple disabilities

Down syndrome toilet training - Tips and strategies on toilet training the child with Down syndrome

Elimination chart - Detailed elimination charts can help you set up a toileting schedule for children who need extra support in toilet training

Encopresis - Encopresis, or fecal soiling, can become a serious condition if left untreated. Read these resources to learn more.

Fear of using toilet/public restrooms - Strategies and articles on why some children are afraid of using public restrooms plus videos of self flushing toilets to help those with sound sensitivities

Having an accident - Accidents happen for a variety of reasons. These articles address why they happen and strategies for addressing your child's potty training accidents

Hypotonia toilet training - Resources on toilet training for children with low muscle tone

Boy holding his potty ringIntellectual disabilities toilet training - Toilet training resources for children with intellectual disabilities

Normal bowel movement - What is a normal bowel movement?

Not defecating in toilet - Resources about children who continue to poop in diapers or in other areas of the home

Personal care toileting - A few articles on providing incontinence care for individuals with special healthcare needs

Physical disabilities toilet training - Special considerations for those with physical disabilities

Potty training apps - Apps to assist the toilet training process

Potty training in public places - Handling potty training issues when out in the community

Potty training motivation - Strategies for rewarding good potty behavior

Potty training readiness - Look to these articles for help in knowing when your child is ready for toilet training

Potty training regression - Why does it happen and what to do about it

Public restroom safety - Keeping your child safe when using bathrooms in the community

Resistance to bowel training - These resources cover a variety of issues including fecal soiling, holding stool too long and impacted feces or encopresis

Resistance to toilet training - Children who are resistant to potty training in general as well as problems during the training process

Sensory processing toilet training - Potty training strategies for children with sensory issues

Smearing poop - Yes it's disgusting but not so uncommon. Strategies for ending this behavior

Special needs toilet training (all) - All toilet training resources that pertain to special needs or various disabilities

Spina Bifida/Hydrocephalus toilet training - Special considerations for toilet training children with spina bifida

Timed voiding - A method of bladder retraining used for individuals with urinary incontinence

Toilet training (all) - This link comprises all of the toilet training articles on our site. Some are not special needs specific but contained good information.

Girl using the potty istock imageToilet training action plan - These are very detailed toiilet training programs for parents

Toilet training at school - Resources for parents and teachers on toilet training children with special needs in school

Toilet training older children - These articles offer some support for toilet training the older child who has not mastered this skill

Toilet training social stories - Social stories and sequence of steps for using the toilet.

Toilet training videos - Videos for parents on potty training as well as videos for kids.

Toilet training visual support - Potty training charts, self help picture cards and other visual support

Urinal etiquette - Etiquette for guys when using the public restroom

Using the public restroom - Articles, tips and strategies for using the public restroom and what to expect in a restroom

Washing hands - Potty training is not complete without learning how to wash our hands


Dawn VillarrealAbout the writer

Dawn Villarreal runs One Place for Special Needs, a national disability resource that lets you find local and online resources, events and even other families in your neighborhood plus thousands of online disability resources! Stay awhile and check out the site. She is also moderator of Autism Community Connection, a Yahoo group for families of children with autism spectrum disorder. Reprint permission granted by including: Reprinted with permission from One Place for Special Needs