Frequently asked questions: Directory listings

Can I make changes to my listing?

To edit or delete your information, click on Update info at our top toolbar.

How can I get an enhanced or featured listing?

When you add your information and click on submit, you can choose a free, enhanced or featured listing.  If you already created a listing, click on Update info.  When you edit your information, you can make your choice there.

I've entered my information. Why can't I see it in the directory?
Every listing must be approved first before becoming a part of our directory.  Listings are typically approved within 24 hours.


How does the peer directory work?
You can enter information about your child and his/her interests.  The directory sorts geographically so other parents living in or near your city will see your information.  Interested parents can then contact you via email.  It's then up to you if you wish to start a relationship with the other family.  We have purposefully left out names and addresses to protect your privacy.


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